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IFC Export but no Import...

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Finishing up a project in 9 I successfully exported a IFC file to a timber frame company using CadWorks. It wasn't totally successful--a couple of columns "shortened out" when they got to the other side. However; the really big problem is that I can't open the IFC file myself.

When I go to File/Open I don't have any option showing for opening an IFC file. I've re-downloaded from GS's site but still can't open.

In the AC 9 Directory Add-Ons/Import-Export I find these elements: two add-ons EDMIFC_2x2, and IFC_Common, and a Unix file 'libedmi.dylib' and something called 'EDMI_Bundle.bundle'.

Would someone on Mac using 9 who can import IFC's kindly compare the above with their directory.


Well, it's been several months, do you still have this problem? As you can see, people are not jumping up and down waving their arms to provide you with IFC workflow solutions! I am just starting to get into this myself, and while I am using AC10, I would be happy to try to duplicate your experience - import/export workflow...


Andy Thomson
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I came to the conclusion that IFC and AC 9 were not compatible enough for me to deal with. Also, I soon moved to 10 and have not had the need to send IFC's yet.

This other string that you've revived seems to indicate some success with at least importing IFC's to Cadworks.

Thanks for the interest, Andy.

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