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IFC Import - is it possible to filter out elements by ID?

I receive lots of IFC files from structural engineers who use different software which I should import to my architectural models. Sometimes the classifications of the elements modeled are correct and sometimes not. Sometimes they have correct layers assigned and sometimes not as well. What apparently seems to be always correct is the ID of the elements. For instance, columns are always labeled as "C5", "C10", beams as "B1", "B2", and so on.

To my current needs, I'd like to import only the columns, but there are other elements classified as columns in the model. And at some point I'd like to be able to have those elements in a different layer (while some of the engineers do not assign layers to their elements).

If I could use the ID as a criterion to assign layers, or to filter out elements, in a IFC Import translator, it would solve me a lot of trouble, having to request changes, or having to do manipulate models, etc.

(I know this should be issued by the project coordination, but many times we don't have anyone in charge)

Thanks in advance!!
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I cannot find anything in the IFC Translators Dialog that could achieve this.
What I would probably do is I would import the IFC into a separate Archicad file, then use Find & Select to select those Columns I need based on their ID, and Copy-Paste the selection into my Project File so only the desired elements are "imported".
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That's what I've been doing and what I'd like to try to avoid. Heheh
Because whenever they update their models I need to 'process' their files again in order to be able to use them.

Thanks anyway!!
Architect / BIM Manager at Ideia1 -
Archicad 24 / Windows 10 64

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