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IFC SpaceBoundary and ARCHICAD 20

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I'm currently working with Archicad 20 to export my building in IFC data format. I need the IFC for energy analysis purpose. The energy analysis software requires IFC Space Boundaries - 2nd level. In the IFC Translation Setup, I could only find 'IFC Space Boundaries' checkbox, which exports space boundaries -1st level.

Does Archicad 20 provide/export such information?

If yes, how can I do it?

Thanks for your response,

Best Regards,

Daniel Kovacs
Hello Szabina,

You can control whether ARCHICAD exports Space Boundaries or not with the checkbox you mentioned, but when it is on, it always exports 2nd Level Space boundaries (it can't export any other kind).

If your other application has problems seeing these as 2nd level boundaries, then you should contact the support team of that application first, and then your local ARCHICAD distributor, as this might be a bug.

Here's some additional information about ARCHICAD Space Boundaries: - in the 'Zone Data' section
Daniel Alexander Kovacs

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