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IFC file with more storeys than host file

Vincent G

Hi guys,


I'm working on a project that has two buildings on a sloppy site. Because of that, we split the project into different files. Building A on file A, building B on file B, and we export PMKs and mods into a central file that hosts the documentation. 

Attached: Central file's storeys



This setup makes the day to day work easier, avoiding each building's storeys to invade each other and so on. 


Services have provided me with an IFC file based on the central file (both buildings storeys). I need that IFC into the work files so I can dimension and annotate all slab penetrations (DP, FW...) and avoid doing all that placement manually. In the central file, I can import it without any trouble, but on work files, since I got only one building's storeys I get the following error message.



I'm wondering what's the best strategy here. I could import the IFC on the central file and turn it into a morph or an object but then next time services update the IFC I won't be able to just refresh it, all the work is to be done again and all dimensions/tags will be broken. 

Is there a way to import only a certain storey of that IFC? or "split" it? Is there a way to import that ifc as a "block", not linked to storeys" Or any solution I might not have thought of? 

Thanks in advance


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