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IFC4 - missing geometry anyone?

hi all,

we have problems to export slabs with IFC4 (Reference View).

that is the report:

--- IFC Export Report ------------------------------------------------
Start time : 21.05.2020 22:28:57
End time : 21.05.2020 22:28:57
Elapsed time : 0 seconds
Export process : Saving the file(s) D:\AREA 51\Übung 002.ifc
The following problems occurred while exporting the file(s) Übung 002.ifc (affected elements (total number: 2/6 are referenced with their External IFC ID):

Element export failed. The following elements could not be exported due to missing geometry:


The IFC is then empty (checked with SMC)

Thanks for any hint!

BR, Florian
AC24 4018 INT, Win10, Quadro P2000, Xeon, BIMCloud

Hello Florian,

Can you share you ifc export translator parameters ?
Christophe - FRANCE
Archicad Designer and Teacher
Archicad 15 to 24 FRA FULL
OS 11 Big Sur

"Quality is never an accident; it's always the result of an intelligent effort " - John Ruskin

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