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Import material into Artlantis

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Anybody know how to import material into Artlantis- catalog?
i manage to creat a new folder inside catalog, but i can drag the material into the new folder. Pls help.

Export your Archicad model to Artlantis and the materials will transfer over, more-or-less. They will be placed in a new folder.
Dwight Atkinson

Steve Jepson
I have a question too. I remember back when I was using Artlantis more, that it was a good thing to assign a different material or color to each roof surface (for example) so that I could use edit that surface in Artlantis for proper orientation, scale, etc..

Is that still necessary, or do the materials applied in ArchiCAD come into Artlantis as they ought to be ?

I alway hate it when the grain is going the wrong way or the material is out of scale. I liked fixing that better in Artlantis than ArchiCAD so I just used colors for the models.

Is that RAL color thing still available. I need more colors. I can't find the add-on.

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Importing can still have mapping issues.

In the case where a surface is mapped improperly, it is easy to fix since surfaces can be selected independently in Artlantis. You duplicate your material and change that surface's map direction.

With the new shaders in Artlantis, you can use numeric, color coding or Archicad materials - you simply reference Artlantis materials upon export.
In Artlantis 2 you'll really want to substitute shaders [still photo-based] for any Archicad material image for quality.

Artlantis can access color through the Mac or PC color picker where you can make up whatever you like.
Dwight Atkinson

Karl Ottenstein
Just to clarify ... the roof mapping problems that you would have seen with Artlantis 4.0 or 4.5 (e.g.) years ago are long gone.

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