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Insert blank / empty row in schedule?


Good morning,


Is there a way to add a blank/empty row in the schedule?

I would like at the top two or three blank rows to match the excel layout.


PS: Also is it possible by default that the GUID column to be at the end?




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Barry Kelly

No, you can't add empty rows in Archicad, unless you can maybe play around with the headings.


You can however export that schedule as an Excel file as you seem to have done already.

Then you can import (link - I don't know the correct terminology) that schedule into any other Excel schedule (your master Excel schedule), and bring it in to exactly the correct cell location that you want it to be.

Don't ask me how as I am not an Excel expert, but I have seen it done.


I don't think you can do anything with the GUID column either as that is how Archicad recognises the rows when you import the schedule back into Archicad after you have amended it.

But as you seem to be re-arranging it anyway, that should not be a problem if you are not re-importing the information back into the original Archicad schedule.

You can just ignore that column and tell your master Excel spreadsheet to import just the rows and columns from the exported Archicad schedule, in exactly the position you want - i.e without the first column and positioned 3 rows down.


Or the simple way if you do not want to play around with the importing/linking settings, you copy and paste what you want from the exported Archicad schedule to where you want it to go in you master schedule.

Or just delete the first column and add 3 new rows if you do not have a master schedule you are trying to import into.






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