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Larger 2D Symbol view in schedule...

It doesn't seem to matter how large I make the schedule's cells or the font in these cells, the 2D symbol remains a fixed size (too small). I was under the impression if one made the cell larger, the 2D symbol would fill it. Anyone know how to make these legible/larger? (under 'Key' heading)

(edited) The placed instance needs to be larger to appear larger in the schedule. This is dumb. Is there another way???(edited)

Second question, the SUM, vs. SUM1 functions in the schedule are great. Proof that schedules can multiply! (ie. to get total cost by multiplying instances of units by unit cost and summing these) BUT this function does not work for 'gs_list_custom1, 2, 3, 4, 5' parameters that I have modified.

Do I need to add a new parameter (ie. cost#2) to get watt-hours from the subtotals of each fixture? I am asking it to do exactly the same sum function as it seems to be capable of doing this for total costs....(currently, I can only perform SUM1 on these items, giving me a total of watt-hours in the column, ignoring the individual fixture counts as a multiplier).

Thanks in advance!
Andy Thomson
Andy Thomson | Architect
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