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Libraries not loaded in Teamwork

Hi all,

I have a teamwork project. It was fine until this morning. The AC23 on Bimcloud was not loaded. Please see attached. Apart from this Libraries issue, the file is running fine.

I've tried to re-open the file few times but it was still the same.

Can anyone sense what is wrong?

Thanks all
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Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

As far as I can see you use multiple versions of Archicad, so I think this Help Center article will be true in your case:

To get back your libraries, you need to delete them from the project and add again via the Library Manager.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin

I thought I had the same problem, but for me it's a little different.

The original post is seeing 0 MB for the library size and missing objects. I have a project in v.22 and in my Library Manager I don't see any size, not even a "0", it's just empty. I also don't see any warnings about missing objects.

However, the placed objects are in fact missing and I also can not seem to be able to choose from the BIMcloud library when placing a new object.

We are 6 users in the same project and it's only me having this issue.

I have tried the suggested workaround from Noémi, I have deleted and added again the library, but it didn't do any difference for me.

From what I understand from this workaround, it had something to do with Local Data, so I thought I would delete them manually, but the problematic library is not even on the list in my Local Data Manager.
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Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi mbl,

Is this issue project specific, or do you experience the same with other projects?

I would try to re-upload the library to BIMcloud first, if it solves the issue. If still no luck, I can imagine that you might have objects with long name or deep in a folder hierarchy, which might causes this thing to you. Worth a check in solo.

Last, but not least, contact your support (Nolliplan, I believe) and ask for their help.

I hope one of the options will solve your issue.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin

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