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Limit Access to Teamwork Files

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I need to limit access to some of our Teamwork files, so that only staff assigned to the project can open and see the file. I thought I could do this using the access menu on in the BIM server manager, but people not on the list to access the file can still open the project.

Is there a way to make it so that only a few people can access a Teamwork File.

Thank you.

Istvan Moharos
Hi Hence,

In a BIM Server, every user who has a management role (project admin, server admin) can access the whole project tree, even if the user does not have a default role.
If you want to limit the users who can see a project, then make sure that the affected users do not have any management roles, and also make sure to remove the Everyone user group from the affected project’s Access panel and add the permitted users one by one. But in this case please note that these users – as do not have any management role – will not be able to share projects or upload libraries.

Otherwise in a BIMcloud, the permission system is more complex, so in that, you can easily set what you described.

Best regards,
István Moharos

Manager, Technical Services


To add to that I believe if they have already joined, they will need to leave the project (or be forced out) before any changes to their role will take effect on that project.


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We should have an option to create different groups in the BS.
in the meantime, we could add specific users to the project and not use 'everyone'.

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Can anyone attempt to reproduce this weirdness to confirm what I'm seeing. I just discovered that it it seems impossible to restrict access to projects on our BIM Server 21.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Duplicate an existing project on the BIM Server
2. Remove “everyone” access and add a single user with access rights “lead architect”
3. Attempt to sign in as another user (not the single user with access). It works!
4.This user can add, delete, and edit any elements in the project as well as send and receive!
5. Now, remove the user’s access on the BIM Server so there are no users with access. Any user can still access, edit, a&r, etc.!


Mate Marozsan
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Dear Eric,

I tried to reproduce the issue you mentionned above without any success.

My guess is that even you remove the "Everyone" access the reason why you are still able to log in with other user is that the other users have Management roles set (Server Administrator, Project Administrator).

Removing a users' Management role can block the users to sign it to a server.
If a user has no Management role and no Default role set, the role added at the Projects' Access site define the role that a user has.

Please look into the case and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Kind regards, Máté Marozsán (Techical Support Engineer, Graphisoft)

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