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List elements with Multiple SEOs (Solid Element operations)

Nathan Brauer
Graphisoft recommended reducing the number of SEO's in my file after an audit.

I use them liberally, but in an effort to cleanup the file, I'd like to see a list of the worst offenders.

Is there a way to create a schedule of all the elements with SEOs, and sort it by number of operations?

Nathan Brauer
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Not that I know of. And no matter how hard I am thinking I cannot come up with a way this could be possible to do.
I was thinking maybe you could schedule the gross and net volume of elements and if there is a difference between the two, maybe figure out which ones participate in SEOs, but I don't know if that would work. Doors, Windows, Openings also reduce the volume of elements, just as Priority Based Connections and Trim to Roof/Shell operation do. That the gross and net volume of an element is not the same does not necessarily mean that the element participates in an SEO.

At this point, I tend to think that you would probably have to write an Add-On using the Archicad API to be able to mine that data out of a project file. And I don't know the API so I don't even know if it would be possible to do there...
Laszlo Nagy, Lead Moderator, Community Admin
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This would be a nice feature to have. Another thing i was thinking the other day is that it would be nice to have a switch to completely turn off the SEO process for computers performance sake.

don't want to sound negative, but I think it is about time when Graphisoft says "go crazy on the SEO!!! It will not impact performance!!!!
Many have been waiting for this for a long time
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