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Looking for Road (Driveway) creator

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Can anyone recommend a tool for creating Road ways? I have used ArchiTerra in the past, and besides at the time not being able to super elevate one side of the road way in respect to the other, I had success with producing sloped and curved driveways along with there associated elevation cross-sections.
I may just purchase the Suite from Cigraph just to use the ArchiTerra3 again although their website, ordering pages and overall support is not that great for us in the USA. Fabrizio was always excellent in responding here (and has still replied even though he is no longer with cigraph , I suppose.

Any Ideas?

I've always found that is a good source. I have used meshes since day 1 (6.0) to model terrain / roads / sites from various sources (surveyor xyz, raw GPS, & guestimating) and have found it is still the best way for doing siteworks. I tried Architerra for a number of years but always found myself reverting back to simple meshes to get the jobs done.

This series of terrian modelling by Ioannis Spyridi has taught this old dog a few tricks. It is well worth the time spent watching these videos.

Let me know how it works out.
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Thank you for sharing this useful infomation!

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Yes I also have not used ArchoTerra since ArchiCAD 10.I like how it calculates the side embankment cut and fills at the proper slope without having to do them manually by chasing the slopes up and down the hill

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