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MEP Scheduling length


Hello everyone!


At the moment I do design of living space and I made basic MEP with respected tool set in Archicad.

Despite the looks that are I find good enough for relatively detailed layout however I have problem with calculating the length of the objects.


I already know that standard variables like 3d length and so on doesn't work with MEP but if you add variable MEP_StraightLength from Additional Parameters of Interactive Schedules you will get the needed length.


However my issue is i can't use as sum of all section by duct type.

E.g. I have heating line which from the plan view has several turns around the corner. From the AC point of view each of the turns is a different section with different length. But from my point of view whole line must be counted as one.


Before MEP tools I achieved needed result with beams and columns. Unfortunately it's time consuming and this method doesn't have the flexibility of MEP tool connections.


Is there a way to calculate summed up length of duct line with one unique ID? Like we have e.g. line with 3 segments of 0.8, 1.0, 0.2 meters with same ID. And the schedule shows total of 2 meters rather than some of that numbers.


I hope it explained well.

Thank you.




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