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Mapping specific info to all objects within a geographical area in model

I'm a BIM manager and architect on a large project soon preparing for the construction phase.
The different floors will be divided into different control areas, and the BIM requirements specify that all objects in the modell should have the right Control Area specifications mapped to this property.
I have not managed to find any good way of doing this.
It is possible to manually put in this info through pre-st 3D views for each control area, but I want a more automatic, maybe script-based way of doing this, to keep manual processes to a minimum and to ensure that any new object within the different Control Areas also get the right values in this property or in the right IFC export field.
I have also tried using "Colliding Zone" together with a large zone defining an example of a Control Area but this does not work well. Slows down the model, and also interfears with other zones for other purposes in the model.
Anyone with any good ideas or experiences on this??

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