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PDF Glitch


Hi! A glitch happened when I published my documentation shown in the pictures below. It seemed to only happened on Planned Status or New Construction filter but not on existing or demolition, does anyone know how to fix this? 


The glitch is showing a very long random texts that isn't even shown in my Archicad file, only after I exported it to pdf




Benjamin Dani


Thank you for sharing your experience!

I suggest checking if the plan has any hidden label or text on the floor plans. 

You can do it by going to the layer combinations, select all layers and make them visible. 

According to the picture it could also be something related to the beams. 
I would try to delete the beams and see if the PDF comes out correctly. 
If yes, replacing the beams might help.

If none of the above relevant I advise contacting your local support with your project file (pla.), a PDF file and maybe a screen recording showing the issue.


Kind regards,

Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer

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