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Pen sets in USA template

I'm reviewing USA template and library and for me pen sets there does not make sense. Probably USA users get use to that, but behind all pen arrangement, colours and thickness I don't see any logic. It just there.
To compare it with international version - in international version pens have classification - there are pens for walls, slabs, roofs, sanitary, windows... So I can choose wall cut. And then create another pen set - for detail drawing with different scale - where the same wall cut line will have different thickness. Also since were introduced Building Materials - in international version appeared additional pens for most common materials - for cut lines and cut fills - like masonry, earth, steel, concrete etc. That means I can have on plan 1:50 concrete walls with cut line thickness 0.35 and the same wall in details 1:10 cut 0.7 by changing pen set.
All that is missed in USA template. And also quite bad news - I cannot really use pen sets following logic of international version, because USA library objects all pre-set to use their strange pen sets - if I change their pen set, I need all the time change settings of pens in any object I want to use in the project.
Also what is really really strange - pen thickness is coming from which standard? 0.09, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.30 and 0.40 mm are not from USA NCS - not even close... I don't know any standard, that set such pen thicknesses.

I mean, seriously, - USA are such a big country and such a mess with ArchiCAD default template. This is not cool.

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