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Precison in Schedules

Jan Vlach
This question may soon turn into a wish, so admins, feel free to move it if you see fit.

I was tasked with creating a schedule of steel components of a fairly custom facade, made up from various extrusions of walls, columns, and beams. The main point of interest was the tonnage of all parts. First I wanted to use the expressions to calculate it, but I was in a hurry and found it a bit more complex for my liking.

So I abandoned the idea and choose to get the cubature instead and do the multiplication manually (well, in excel). I did that, however, then I ran to a problem: You see Archicad will give me cubic meters (or some imperial units) with precision to two decimal points. I can see this being fairly handy when it comes to concrete or bricks, however not very useful for steel, as a small rounding up or down can have a significant effect on the outcome. So the question is: can I choose more decimal points? (Changing working units does nothing) Or (and that would be awesome) Could we choose the listing parameter and the units separately?

(You see, I told you it will end up a wish:-)

Ps: when I calculated the tonnage entirely by hand I had found I am about 10% off with my previous estimate.
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Barry Kelly
You need to change the 'calculation' units and not the working units.
With m³ you can have up to 4 decimal places with extra accuracy if needed.


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Jan Vlach
Thanks for reaction Barry,
I had suspected that I am overlooking something obvious.

At the same time, I believe that it would be great if we could specify the output units and precision for each column of each table as often we need different precision for different use-cases.
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Eduardo Rolon
This can be done using Properties and Expressions to create the units roundup.
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Jan Vlach
I suppose it can, I will have to look into it. Originally I wanted to compute the whole thing using expressions, however, I found it a bit more difficult than I hoped for. I have to look more into expressions when I get the time.
From Archicad 8.5 all the way to the present.
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