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Project is not saved. Teamwork

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Changes not saved in teamwork.

Hello henckok,

You had to describe the problem a bit better and express it in english* so that we could understand and then help you. Do you check the quality of your internet or intranet connection ? Do you have enough rights to modify the teamwork project ? Is this technical concern new or has it always been ?

*I'm french
Christophe - FRANCE
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Barry Kelly
henckok wrote:
Changes not saved in teamwork. - Вот такая вот ошибка, при попытке засейвить проект в тимворке, что делать?
Translation ...
Here is such a mistake, when trying to save a project in teamwork, what should I do?
Sorry I could not translate the error message ...

And I don't use teamwork so have no answer for you, but someone else may know what this is about.


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Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi henckok,

As far as I can see, ARCHICAD offers you to reload the project from a recovery file.

Reason can be a corrupted GDL element, a corrupted stair or railing, or any other element.

What I suggest:

1. Save a PLN
2. Open the PLN with Open & Repair
3. Save the result with Save as...
4. Open the repaired project
5. Re-share it on BIMcloud
6. If still no luck, contact your local GRAPHISOFT representative for support

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin

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