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Railings not being represented properly


Hello, everyone. I'm new to Archicad and I'm finding it difficult to represent my model properly on 2D plan. I happens that the railings of the stairs is not showing up on the slab. I want to show this railings U-turn, adjacent to the slab. Not just that, but those stairs notes and symbols "descend", "ascend" the slab is cutting out. Don't know why.Model 3D - stairs-slab.jpgModel 2D - Stairs-slab.jpgModel 2D 2 - Stairs-slab.jpg


Gerry Leonor

yes, this has been an issue. the program cannot show the bottom part of the rail be underneath the slab, whist the top rail be above it. the Send to Back/Front works by element, & a single rail modelled like yours is considered a single element.


the way we've been working around this is to split the railing & have the bottom rail stop at the landing, show it one story up, & bring it behind the slab. the top rail starts from the landing & finish at the top of the flight & obviously above the stair / slab.


with the new slab display capabilities (ie. auto-detect columns/beams/other slabs) & have it show either dashed or solid lines depending if it is above or below the columns/beams/other slabs, perhaps the railing tool will be added to this feature too.

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Might you be able to use the stairs Floor Plan settings? Set a custom breakpoint then set your stories above to hide below the breakmark.




Edit: This does not seem to work properly... the section of the railing not associated with the stair shows hidden instead of continuing from the stair setting.




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Ahhh... Has this problem been reported to Graphisoft? I wonder what would cause this to persist until version 26. It is unfortunate.


Thanks for the response, folks! God bless!

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