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Rotated views from Archicad to DWG




We have a client who insists on a particular orientation of our drawings on layouts. For us this is not so much a problem but the issue comes when we have to create Definition files for consultants who usually work in AutoCAD.


How do you guys go about exporting DWGs (from layout) so that the resulting file has a viewport which correctly displays the floor plan, with rotation. This is so that the consultants can XREF the Architectural plan and then XREF their own installation plan on top...and still have the same view and crop as per the architectural drawing package.


Any ideas?

DELL Precision 5560
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I get the same problem now and then. We don't use DWG's our self so we only export them if asked. It's strange that some insist on using DWG's but have no idea on how to solve this them selves.


Usually the problem solves itself when I tell them to google "autocad rotate ucs". They get a little grumpy, but that passes quickly.

Martin Isak Jansen
(I'm the one everyone at my company asks the tech questions)


Thanks Martinij,

That is a similar problem, however...rotating the UCS is the step we want to avoid.


When we deliver our architectural plans the other consultants wants to use them as reference and to ensure that the drawing layouts and segments are identical between disciplines we also provide drawing definition files. The idea is that the other consultants can XREF their drawings into the definition file, without changing rotation, no moving the file...just XREF...and get the same part of the building showing up, in the same scale and the same rotation.


This is where the rotation comes into play.

We have clients that require us to always have the entry door pointing down on the layout.

This is not a problem when you have a simple building but when you are working with a whole city block then we need to rotate the views so that they always point the right direction on the layout.


The question is how this rotation carries through to the DWG and the ViewPort in PSpace.

DELL Precision 5560
i7-11850, 32 GB, RTX A2000
AC12 - future

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