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Saving to 24 from Archicad 25

Miriam P



I'm currently having an issue, I use Archicad 25 to work but my classmates only have Archicad 24 available atm, since Arch25 has the option to save the file as a Arch24 project I thought it wouldn't be a problem, but even though I save it in the earlier version they haven't been able to open it and the Bug Reporter pops up inmediatly, is there a way to solve this? 


Barry Kelly

I have not had an issue doing this.

I wonder if it is library related.

Before you save back as 24, change all 25 libraries for their 24 equivalent, and then 'save as' an Archicad 24 file.

I don't know if it will make any difference but may be worth a try.

There is an option when you save as a 24 file to do this automatically but that will probably only work with the default Graphisoft library.


Also try with a new 25 template with just a few simple walls.

Save that back as 24 and see if others can open it.

If that works fine then there is something in you project that 24 just doesn't like.

What that is I don't know.

You would have to submit the bug report and follow up with you local Archicad support people quoting that bug number so they can investigate.



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