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Schedule Floor Finishes by Zone

Tim Ball
I have been trying to find a solution to this problem for some time and have come up with a workaround to share.

The problem is that zones do not recognise slabs, so if you place a slab as a floor finish, it will not schedule by zone.

I tried the Interior Wizard however that has two limitations:

1. You can only connect it to the zone and so if you have a floor finish that is smaller than the zone because of fitting locations you can't edit the perimeter to suit
2. The wizard does not recognise favourites or pick up parameters so you have to start from scratch each time you place one

However the zone tool does recognise walls - so if you create a wall that is the same thickness as the floor finish using the polygon wall setting, it all works fine. You can attach properties to it so you know its a floor covering and classify it as such. Use the finish material or surface overrides to make it look correct visually.

In plan view I can't seem to show fills to the tops of walls, but if you create a 3D plan view the surface display works fine. in a 3D document plan, the fills show correctly.

This allows me to create a single zone drawing that shows floor plan, ceiling plan, wall elevations and a schedule of all finishes and fittings.

I don't know how IFC deals with the export of something like this, but I don't use IFC for finishes at the moment.

Now it would be better for GS to add either the slab recognition by zone, or a polygon object that could be used instead of a wall, but for the moment this may suit many people as a workaround.
Tim Ball
AC24, iMac
User since V5

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Tim Ball wrote:
so if you create a wall that is the same thickness as the floor finish using the polygon wall setting, it all works fine.

So. If I get it right, you create a polygonal wall that covers the needed surface and set its height to the needed floor thickness, then apply a slab/floor classification to it?

Interesting solution Tim. It does add to the argument that we don't need as many tools to represent elements as some would think. As you have indicated, it's not the element tool type that matters these days, it's the properties & classifications associated with the element volume.
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

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You could also use a morph, no risk of it interacting with the wall and you can have a cover fill for finishes plans


Tim Ball
Thanks Scott. I had thought about the morph tool, but editing it in 2D is clunky.

The mesh tool however works well and you can use fills and you can make a shower fall for a wet room!
Tim Ball
AC24, iMac
User since V5

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