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Schedule and merged zones

Greetings all,

I'm trying to create a schedule of zones indicating each unit in a larger development. Some of the units are split levels, half of the apartment is on Level 1 and the other half on Level 2.
I have placed zones (one on each level) to show the appropriate name tag and the measured area....all good so far.

However when it comes to summarising the areas in a interactive schedule I run into some difficulties.
I have ticked the box for 'merge uniform items' to achive only one line for each unit to see the total area for each individual apartment (2 zones, same name, one area), but summarised it counts all zones even though they are so called 'merged' in the schedule.

How can i get the schedule to just display the number of apartments even through the zones are split over different floor levels (basically placed twice)...?

Shouldn't 'merge uniform items' force the schedule to display the reduced number rather than all...???
W10 Pro | ArchiCAD 25.0 3002 AUS FULL

Guess I'm not the only one with this issue....
W10 Pro | ArchiCAD 25.0 3002 AUS FULL

It depends what you want to see in your schedule - Gross Internal Area of each apartment or Net Internal Area.
I've been solving it this way:
I covered all apartment area with zone as GIA and exploded it into a fill (to avoid the situation when same element belongs to two different areas). And also placed zones for each room (NIA). After I created two different schedules - one only with apartment name and area per floor. And another - per floor.

See attached.

Thanks Podolsky....

The project is still in early stages and I'm not to keen on doing these types of workaround quite yet. I'll keep it in mind though.....
W10 Pro | ArchiCAD 25.0 3002 AUS FULL

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