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Some elements in your Workspace were fixed by ARCHICAD

BIMcloud, Send, gives me a 'Send Succesful' notice reaffirmed by a 'Changes were successfully sent.' followed by a 'Some elements in your Workspace were fixed by ARCHICAD.', which sounded to me rather scary.

Hitting 'Show in Browser' takes me to the explanation that ARCHICAD decided it should delete an Arc/Circle. Shouldn't there be an advance warning?

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Ignacio,

When you get a message like this, it means that ARCHICAD found corrupted elements. These are usually too small to be visible, or has other geometry related corruption. These deletions happen to prevent a Send & Receive issue next time you hit the button.

In almost all cases, it is not visible later that ARCHICAD deleted anything from the project.

On the other hand, I understand why it scared you. I will report your feedback to the responsible people. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin

Andre Picamilho

We've been dealing with something similar, but on a teamwork file in Archicad 24. Whenever an elevation or a section window is opened it's no longer possible to do "Send & Receive", so all we can do is to save a solo file.
We've tried pretty much everything: fix the file before sharing; delete the elements causing this problem; redraw sections and elevations... nothing seems to fix the problem.


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
How about deleting the source Section Marker itself and placing a new one in its place?
You could pick up its settings or save them as a Favorite and apply those settings when placing the new instance of the Section.
Also, if you have 2D elements in your Section, copy-paste them into an independent Worksheet or something, so you can copy-paste them back into the new Section instance once it is created.
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we have the same issue, but with missing stairs after send/receive. We thought it was because of faulty stair element, but all stairs disappear in AC24 when the solo file is shared to Bim cloud basic, or a new stair element is created in teamwork project. We tried reinstalling Bim cloud, updating to the newest build, but nothing helps. What to do?


We have the same issue. When you send/receive the program decide to delete some stairs. So frustrating

I suggest you to report it to your local support and they can help you to investigate the issue.

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin

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