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Surfaces won't delete.


Hi All, 


I'm working on a new template for my office, and I'm working on deleting and updating the surfaces on the template. However, I noticed the file has a lot of surfaces we don't use. And After deleting the surfaces when I open the file again, the file has all the surfaces I just deleted.


Any tips you could help me with? 


Steve Jepson

did you remove the unwanted surfaces using the Attributes Manager, Surfaces Menu, Library Manager, or by deleting a .lfc file ? 

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Might said surfaces be part of some loaded object?

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Barry Kelly

Certain library objects can create surface attributes.

No matter how many times you delete them they will re-appear when you re-load the library.


Usually you can tell these attributes come from library parts as they will appear with italic text or maybe an underline in the attribute manager.

Tracking down the library part is another matter.



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