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Surround. Wall Surface wrong?

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I was trying to get the net surface of the walls (without windows, doors, ..) using zone lists.
I noticed, that the numbers under 'Surround. Wall Surface' in Zone/Stories (simple) (AC_INT_10) are wrong.

After some simple tests I came up with the following:
1. Draw a simple rectangular room (for example 4m x 2m, height 2m, measured inside).

2. Draw an intermediate wall, dividing the room into two rooms. For example, one of the rooms is 2m x 2m, measured inside.

3. Now create a zone in this room and create the zone-list by using Document->Schedules and Lists->Zone Lists->Rooms/Stories (simple) (AC_INT_10)
Look at the Surround. Wall Surface. It is 16m2 as it should.

4. Create a door into the other room and look again at the Sorround Wall Surface. It is now 18.2m2.
See screenshot.

Is this a bug or do I understand something completely wrong?

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Sadly I don't have an answer to this problem but I would interested to know if you have solved the problem since the question was posted? Being able to measure internal surface areas less doors and windows would be a useful tool.
Or is there another way??

John Barker

Isn't there a separate field for "Walls with openings" or something like that?
Tom Waltz

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