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Talking to my Quantity surveyor

Just wondering if anyone can give me some advise as to how to start coordinating my archiCAD model with information received from our Quantity surveyor? My current situation is that we have a spread sheet with a schedule of costing provided by our QS. This information is then used for funding applications etc . If I was to the add this information to archiCAD, It would take hours to input and have to systematically save it off for later use. I will also have to check it each time to make sure the data is still current.

A. Is there a simple way to do this or do I just need get stuck in and number crunch,
B. Are there QS software programs the can export this information,
C. Can any one point me in the direction of further information- im sure its out there somewhere.
Michael Wilson

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Steve Jepson
Perhaps the most useful link between ArchiCAD and what ever data your QS is managing is Excel.

ArchiCAD schedules can be exported to Excel and from there you can do almost anything with that data.

You may also find the ArchiCAD Calculation Guide useful.

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