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Teamwork error on send Archicad 25 (bug or my mistake?)


When working in Archicad 25.3011 and Bimcloud Basic (both on Win10) I got a strange error when trying to send changes:

Network testing did not reveal any errors. The rest of the projects open normally. The error appeared after inserting elements from another file via the clipboard. A file was created in the GRAPHISOFT\Bug Reporting-25 folder, here is an excerpt from there. Has anyone ever encountered such an error and is it possible to avoid it somehow?


GRAPHISOFT\Bug Reporting-25:

Error category ID: 7776C574-D43D-4CCF-8FB2-ED68C3D7BFBE (Teamwork Process Logger crashes)
Error ID: 99347C23-637D-4D64-AF84-93EC80AE355D (Teamwork Process Logger crash)

TWProcessLogger -- functionId: TWERR_SERVER, err = -2130509791, severity: Error,
file: P:\VMWD\Build\Sources\ACPM\Archicad\ACPProject\ACPTWProcessHandlerImp.cpp, line: 786.

Call stack:
0x00007FFD5A6CD568!GSRoot.dll + 54632 (BugRep_ReportError + 96 bytes)
0x00007FF67ED491F2!Archicad.exe + 6525426 (VBElem::StairGenerator::StairSchemeGenOptionsOverrideGuard::operator= + 2244430 bytes)
0x00007FF67EE7D394!Archicad.exe + 7787412 (VBElem::StairGenerator::StairSchemeGenOptionsOverrideGuard::operator= + 3506416 bytes)
0x00007FF67EE7BDCC!Archicad.exe + 7781836 (VBElem::StairGenerator::StairSchemeGenOptionsOverrideGuard::operator= + 3500840 bytes)
0x00007FF67EE7BE73!Archicad.exe + 7782003 (VBElem::StairGenerator::StairSchemeGenOptionsOverrideGuard::operator= + 3501007 bytes)

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Please try to save a PLN and after an Open & Repair, save it again and re-share on the BIMcloud. If it wouldn't help, then contact your local support representative with a Support Package and the PLN file.

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin

BTW, based on the call stack, you have a corrupted stair geometry, so it might be a good idea to clean up all the stairs and check Send & Receive this way.

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin


Thank you for the quick response. The project does not use stairs, only curtain walls and library elements. After open & repair, and re-share, the error appears after a while. I have reported the error to the local support service last week, but there is no response yet (status - on work). I was hoping that this is a known error and there are ways to solve it?

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