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Teamwork: open the original file is ok??

Hi everyone,
hope you all had a very warm X-mas.

i am here today would like to ask if it is ok to open a (plc). Archicad teamwork draft file from it's original (pln) archicad solo project file??
because, i am the only one working on one of a big project which involve teamwork in it. i am afrid that i might ruin all the projects by open up pln. file.


hope everyone of you a safe journey through 2007 and a happy new year

Star Chen
de Lisle Jenkins
a r c h i t e c t s

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One annoying thing about Teamwork is that it does not clean up after itself. When you teamwork a file, it makes a COPY of the PLN file (now a PLP file) and leaves the original, outdated file there. The PLN file is in no way related to the PLP anymore. The PLN will not have any of the changes made to the teamworked project in it.

The PLC is only changes made by one user the a Teamwork file. The "master" file is a PLP file.

You would need to sign into the PLP with exclusive access and save it back to a PLN file. For neatness, you should then get rid of the PLP and all its related ADM, TXT, and Backup files.
Tom Waltz

Star - we routinely need to experiment with design options, often we will make local (hard-drive) copies of the plp, and change the extension to pln. When the file is opened, some of the atts can be locked if users were signed into the plp at the time of the copy - you can resave/rename that file as needed - then you have full access again. This fast-and-loose approach is best if you know what you are doing, and how to reshare the preferred option and/or copy/paste your changes back into the original.

I have probably made many people cringe just mentioning this workflow - what exactly are you wanting to do to the file 'without messing up the original'??
Andy Thomson
Andy Thomson | Architect
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