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Transfer Organiser to another file

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We have a very organised hierarchy of folders inside a file's Organiser that we would like to trasfer as a whole or part of it to another working project.

Is it possible? that means transfering the View map, Layout book and Publisher Sets

I realise this means some settings might be different from project to project, like graphic overrides or pen sets

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
It is only possible to transfer the Layout Book from one project file to another (including both Layouts and Master Layouts). You cannot transfer Publisher Sets.
You cannot transfer Views either, all you can do is place Views from another Project File onto your Layouts in the active file.

What you should do is to save this as a Template so you will be able to use this structure on Projects started from now on.
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thank you!

yes ideally i would save it as a template, i know. but we already have a template file in the office and we wanted to add certain View Map Folders which we created in another project that was not using the same template.

how would i go about importing layout books and master layouts though?

Barry Kelly
papsphilip wrote:
how would i go about importing layout books and master layouts though?

With the Organiser.

In the top left corner you can 'Browse' for another project.
Or if you already have multiple Archicads open, they will all appear in the list and you can choose which one you want.

The one you choose (that you want to copy from) will be on the left side of the organizer.
Just select the 'Layout' tab.
On the right hand side is your current file (you want to update).
Again select the layout tab.
Now just drag the layouts and masters that you want from the left to the right.

But beware, all of the drawing on those layouts and masters will be linked to the original file.
So you will need to select each drawing in each new layout (or use the 'Drawing Manager' to select the drawings) and "Re-link' them to internal views (that you must manually create in the file - as Laszlo said these can not be copied over).
You can always copy the layout and masters across and then just delete all drawing in them.
Then place drawings of your new views that are required.

You may find it just as easy to simply manually create the new layouts and masters if there are not a lot.


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Thanks, its working
i was able to transfer layouts and master layouts and as you said i had to relink manually afterwards

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