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Volume calculation in abacus


Hi all.

I made a abacus with the following fields: zone name, height, calculated area, net volume. It's similar to the one I found in the tutorial on youtube Graphisoft page (link). 

The results seems to be wrong. For example, zone area 41.38mq, height 2.9m, the volume should be 120.002mc, but in the abacus, under volume, it's shown 119.73mc.

I downloaded the file from the tutorial, and there is a similar mistake. Dividend a volume for its area 20.8 : 8.21 = 2.5334, but the height should be 2.54m (measured in section).
Am I doing something wrong?



Could you post screenshots so that we can see how you have constructed your model. Also, what is your setting in Calculation the file set to use displayed values or exact values?

DEL Precision 5540
i7-9850, 32 GB, Quadro T2000
AC12 - future

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reply.
I'm using zones to calculate the whole volume of the building. For example, this volume should be 82.07m³.

Criteries are
- Element type = zone;
- Layer = (the objcet layer I'm using).
Fields are
- Host story name;
- Zone name;
- Measured area;
- Height;
- Net volume.
(there's no reason to post a picture, isn't in english)





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