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What size are your TW2 files?

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I have just started with TW2. My first PLN file that was converted to the TW2 project weighed about 7MB. After sharing it grew to 71MB. Will it grow more? How does it work for a file that already is 71MB will it grow to be 7GB? If it works in this way, we will need lots of disk space and backups. is there anyone else who has thought abut this?

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We currently have (2) active projects on TW2:

- 150,000 sq. ft. high school @ 2.19 GB
- 13,000 sq. ft. Community Bldg. for a Retirement Complex @ 430 MB

Remember that the "project.db" is an uncompressed file, for example... I archived the high school project as a .pla and it came in at 645 MB.

We host the BIM Server on a dedicated machine with a 320GB hard drive (with room for a second if needed) that backs up to an external drive with Time Machine.

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Thanks for your reply.
It is precisely this is my concern. We have chosen to have the TW2 server on the our ordinary file server . What may seem a bit stupid, given that if it becomes full, the entire IT environment that is affected. Then I think of in case something happens and we need to take back the file from backup. How long does it take to take back a 2GB file? but there may be smarter ways to do backups. The size of the database clearly puts other demands on computer equipment. any suggestions and ideas?

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I have not had any speed issues exporting the TW2 files or creating a project from a backup.

My biggest issue w/ that particular project, and any TW2 project for that matter, is "join" time from a client machine. Users were experiencing well over 1 hr. to join the 2+GB project, but I cannot speak to whether this was a file issue, file size issue, RAM issue, lack of 64 bit for mac, etc.

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