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Which Photoshop?

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I received an article from Graphisoft help called TEXTURE WORKSHOP – CREATE YOUR OWN TEXTURES FOR VISUALIZATION

As always it mentions Photoshop, which most designer/architects seem to have. I am a Structural Engineer that designs and uses ArchiCAD. I had a copy of Photoshop Elements in the past, but never learned how to use it. (I still do not quite grasp all the Layers, Screen & Filters.)

So I am looking to final get something that will allow me to work with images. I researched and read that Adobe is now a subscription format for purchase.

I would like a recommendation on what to purchase.

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Eduardo Rolon
I am avoiding Adobe's products since they changed their license agreements and if you were using Mac OS I would recommend either Acorn or Pixelmator, about $30 each. Since you are on Win I would recommend using GIMP (free) or CorelDraw ($499).


Anyway for all of them you will need to grasp Layers, filters etc.

Another option might be to buy the textures you need either from arroway ( or doschdesign (
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Thank you Eduardo. I did find a non-Subscription version of Elements!

And there are some tutorials on the site. I mad it through Electrical Fundamentals & Differential Equations I should be able to wrap my head around the "Pixel Stuff".

I appreciate the texture site links also. I am mostly dealing in Mountain homes and different stained wood sidings of various types, so the field picture would be best if I can pull it off.

Karl Ottenstein
Elements 12 is also available boxes or download from Amazon, etc... for less than the Adobe price.

(I've not upgraded since Adobe went to subscription, and will probably stick with CS 6 until it won't work with my OS any longer. But, my my skills are too high with Adobe products to consider the effort of switching to something else.)
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Rakela Raul
i do not use photoshop anymore
I have replaced it 100% with pixelmator (acorn not a match), and paintshop pro from corel in the wdws side (excellent). gimp will do it too, and very well x free
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