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Which to install? BIM Server or Server Manager Versions V14?

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Hi all - after being in a much earlier version of the program for years, I'm now going to V.14 because a partner is also using 14 - so we're standardizing on that - however - I've been a bit thrown off by the installation options which appear to be a mutually exclusive choice.

I don't know if it's simply bad copy writing - but it's totally unclear to me whether I should be installing the BIM Server or Server Manager version. I'm working with just one other partner REMOTELY - but we'd like to be able to share with third parties via the BIMx application as well.

I'd like to make a wise choice about this if anyone could guide me a little. OR should I do the basic install (if there are some nifty workarounds that would work even better?)

I'm on a Core2Duo iMac if that helps - as is my remote partner (I would assume that I'll be the server though)

oh also - are there any server options that can run over Apache (?) or something I can install on a web server I wonder?

Erika Epstein
It is very unclear. The BIM Server INCLUDES the BIM Server Manager.
Install the BIM Server if you want a server on your machine where you will host files.

The BIM Server Manager is installed when you will only be logging into someone else's server. For example, if the file you will be working on is on your colleague's machine or the office server, you only need the BIM Manager on your computer.

If at a later date you decide to host files on your computer, you can replace the BIM Manager with the BIM Server.

Clear as mud?
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"Implementing Successful Building Information Modeling"

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Thanks Erika - I had to wade through the dark world of the GS Wiki for awhile to put two and two together - so that's what I ended up doing! I hope I don't have to deal with too much IP nastiness or setting up a VPN tunnel etc, as alluded to... but I have access to some web servers - so hopefully this will work fine.. thanks.

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