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Zone Schedule Calculations: Subtraction of 'To Be Demolished' Area?

Marc H
How can I have 'To Be Demolished' zones areas show as negative values in my zone schedule calculations?

I am working on a floor area schedule and have totals for the 'To Be Demolished' zones and a total for the 'New' zones. Having these totals also brings with it a grand total for both groups. However, the 'To Be Demolished' areas are showing up with positive areas and adding to the grand total instead of reducing it.

I found a couple of partial work around for the floor area reduction calculation itself:
a) by reducing the height of the To Be Demolished zone low enough to qualify for area reduction, which helps the schedule by showing a Calculated Area as '0', but not the negative I was looking for. It would also be a problem if running reduced volume calculations.
b) by creating a fill with 100% zone reduction checked. (Unfortunately, the zone cover fill option does not work in this way - that might just pull it off!) The problem with the fill is it is not associated with the demolished zone, but with the existing-to-remain area, which is not a part of the remodeling. I'm also concerned having several of these in a model may be difficult to manage.

I am hoping there is a method within AC22 which works directly / smartly with the zone objects through one or more settings, values, properties, expressions, and/or query language.
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