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Text field indents in DWG

I am having troubles exporting text fields to DWG correctly, both from version 20 and 22, but I guess it applies to older versions as well. The conversion seems to dismiss indents in the text field from Archicad - all three, the left and right, as we...

mbl by Newcomer
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linking to GIS coordinates

Hello, I've been asked by an municipality to link a cad drawing to TX83-CF coordinate system so that they can place my drawing in their design software. Can someone give me some clues to how I can link a drawing to a specific coordinate system in Arc...

Composite label dwg export issue

Hi, I have problem with exporting drawings to dwg from ArchiCAD. Everything works great except composite label. The text inside appears to move to the left everytime and I have absolutely no idea why. I doesn't happen with any other type of label (te...

DWG Translator For export on AC22

Hi everyone - A couple of quick questions about the DWG translation setup for export where we are seeing issues.... - we have a DWG template with text styles already set - all of which are non-oblique (angle of 0). The fonts in Archicad are not itali...

emerich by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Property called “COBie.type”

I have exported IFC Models of an Office Building and I am trying to use Solibri’s COBie extension to output the COBie spreadsheets but it is listing everything in the IFC file as being “unclassified” as it has a rule looking for a Property called “CO...

incorrect calculation of polygon areas

Noticed the following error. When constructing a section of an element, a bent metal strip with initial dimensions of 265x1 mm2. When measuring the area of ​​the object turned out 0.000185 mm2. This does not correspond to the area of ​​265 mm2. With ...

reddot by Newcomer
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