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Creating graphics plan schedule that show the images

I know this may sound unusual in architecture but in my field (retail) it is bread & butter. I'm trying to create a schedule that tabulates all of the big graphics used in a store (we send them to printers for quote). To do this I want to schedule al...

Chazz by Participant
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BIMcloud 2019.1 Released

Dear All, BIMcloud 2019.1 is now available! The unified installer package is accessible on the BIMcloud download site. So far, we have tested the package with the AUS, FIN, INT, NED, NOR, NZE, SWE, UKI and USA language versions. Support for other ver...

Teamwork with different Archicad versions?

Welcome back Prachi, • Both will need to be on the same version of AC so either she upgrades or you install the previous version (which should not be a problem). • You don't need a dedicated server for TW though it helps but if you are working remote...

Elements schedule and total cost?

All - I have an elements schedule with one field being QUANTITY. Another field is COST. Can someone tell me if it is possible to have a formula or expression to multiply QUANTITY times COST to get a total cost for the quantity? When I try to do this ...

lagodue by Newcomer
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Openings edge area

Hey guys, How can I calculate openings edge area for formwork estimation. I am struggling to understand why the exposed area does not add the edge area of the oppening of a wall, but does if I change the wall to a morph. I have a basic concrete model...

Architects and structural designers cooperation

Hi, we have such an issue in our school. Students of architecture do work in Archicad and we, civil structural designers still work in AutoCAD (or Allplan). So we are trying to work in one model together - in Archicad. So I need to create an Archicad...

kralpatr by Newcomer
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change language in our office's template

INT version might work with the french library and such, but it will also potentially mess up french names for things in the project. We had a foreign colleague in the past who stubbornly installed INT version (instead of NL) on his workstation and w...


Hi guys, Im having a bit of a problem. After exporting an IFC model to be able to send it to engineers i realised that Archicad has predifined all the ifc element types on its own and named some of them in a quite confusing way. For example all the w...

Best file type for Standard (Stock) plans

I am working for a builder which has around 50 'standard plans'. Each new job is some variation of one of these house plans. For every new job we will open up a standard plan and modify it as the client wishes before saving a pln for each new job num...

Archicad 21 Schedule Problems

Using Archicad 21 on a MAC platform. The problem I'm having is the dimensions for the different columns are all different. We have width showing up as decimal feet, thickness as fractional inches, length in decimal feet. We need the width to show up ...

mukster by Participant
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