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Archicad exchange information with Microsoft Excel

Hello, I madea big variaty of objets with a lot of cleint infotmation with, my problem is that i lose a lot of time in copy and paste of informations all the day . Can you tell if there is some kind of a tool or a metode to coyy tables from excel int...

Resolved! Student version of autocad or revit into archicad

I tried searching for this answer but can't find anything close to an answer. I'll probably just do a test, but that will require me to download a student version of either autocad or revit to try it. I asked on the student forum because I figured pe...

Change default classification set?

Is it possible to "remap" an object-classification to a different classification system? In this picture, I've done several things: I've loaded a classification-set called NS 3451, which is our classification-system. And, in the norwegian "version" o...

Kamelite by Participant
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How to work in teamwork?

I would like to know what is the workflow in archicad, what I usually do in revit is to create folders by specialty and work in each of these the file separated by specialty linking the files so that the file is not heavy, I would like to know if thi...

Resolved! Point Cloud in Archicad

Hello All, I am new to this forum, first time i am using Archicad with Point Cloud.I have facing trouble at some place. I have set stories (levels) according to point cloud. point cloud visible on the Ground story (Level1 Ground). But point cloud is ...

Zones and volumes in schedules

- i have a plan with zoning marked in m2 - i.e. floor space. - schedule created - volume in m3 is incorrect because there is a mezzanine/duplex double height space. how do i treat this so its recognized in the schedule listing under volume The questi...

atfonit by Newcomer
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