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Doors, Bounding Boxes, GDL, IFC and Revit

 Archicad project in v24, transferring via IFC to consultants in Revit using Improved IFC Import Add-in.Custom built GDL door objects to suit the standard manufacturers door suites in AUS. In Archicad:The outside of the door frame aligns with the out...

2022-02-22 Sliding Door Solibri.png 2022-02-22 Sliding Door Solibri Opening.png 2022-02-22 Sliding Door Revit.png 2022-02-22 Sliding Door Revit Family.png

Quantity takeoff and model fidelity

Hi everyone, I am trying to answer some of the questions of my team regarding information take-off, specially all that is related to walls and façade. Regarding inside walls and partitions it all comes down to the fidelity to the real construction, m...

afaria by Participant
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Selection of objects

Hello.Is it possible to select objects on all floors, being on the plan of the 1st floor?For example, a table object is located on the first floor, and its copies are on subsequent floors, can I select all tables not from the 3d view, but on the plan...

DWG export problem

Hi -Since we don't do too much output of dwg files to consultants, I freely admit my questions here may be rudimentary. But any experienced advice would be appreciated. So just to be clear in what I am asking, as a starting point, our structural cons...

Model View (xREF).png Paper Space (with xREF).png
rm by Advocate
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Energy Simulations

Archicad 24 seems not have the features presented in the EcoDesigner Start workflow in 2014 (EcoDesigner STAR Workflow: Building Energy Model Calibration 3 of 6 - YouTube) , features were removed. I was wondering if it is true or now they're hidden. ...

Ian by Participant
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Big crash of bimcloud basic server

Hello everyone, Yesterday we encounter a special problem with our bimcloud basic server. All the project disappeared from the server. It seems that project manager lost contact with the project server. That happen on server for 23, 24 and 25 at the s...

mhoude by Participant
  • 2 replies