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Restoring .db libraries

Is there a way to restore libraries from BIMcloud backups when they are only stored as .db files? I accidentally nuked my entire server during backup and need to restore it. I have everything except my libraries. Thank you,

Narska by Enthusiast
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Nemetschek BIMplus & Archicad

Does anybody have any experience working or collaborating on a project where Nemetschek BIMplus (Allplan related web based collaboration platform) is being used as a Common Data Environment (CDE)? As Archicad is part of the Nemetschek group I would h...

Miha_M by Advisor
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Missing model view option

Hello, Not sure why model view options go missing - is this a bug? This has happened to quite a few saved views and I haven't changed any settings within the model view options.

model view missing.png
Yvonne by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies

PMK schedule issue

When exporting the area schedules in PMK format, I have a problem with the text following the drawing scale. To be more detailed about what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to prepare dwg drawings for external disciplines using a combination of PM...

Archicad to EC3

Has there been any momentum in Archicad software that allows import to EC3 for carbon analysis. I know there are ways to do it through quantities in Archicad but that is very time consuming. Trying to certify a project with the zero carbon standard.

File size

Hello All, I am fairly new to Archicad (3 years), coming from revit env. Currently working on - Archicad: a small house of around 4K sqft located in a cold climat, the file size is around 177 MB and runs super slow on my comp. No plumbing done and li...

Connection Archicad Google Earth Pro

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the connection between Archicad and google earth pro. The matter is not so much in the connection rather than in the visualisation of the colours, which in google earth change completely. So i'm basically expo...

jakpod by Participant
  • 4 replies

Remove blank line at top of xls-export from schedule

Hi all, when exporting a simple schedule from Archicad to Excel, Archicad seems to add a blank row at the top of the resulting xlsx. For my workflow, I need to have the column headers at the very top in Excel, so I switched off the Schedules Main hea...

B_E_A_T_ by Enthusiast
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