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What is happening with Cadimage Tools?

I get the sense that Cadimage is moribund. Although there have been a few updates over the past couple of years, all of the documentation and videos date from v19 or before, and haven't been updated in years. (So in many cases, what is shown on the v...

Problems using .dwg file exported from ARCHICAD

A client exported from his architecturals from ARCHICAD to .dwg for me to work on the structure and electricals. I've attached shots of two separate floors which look good and well when separated. The moment I try to copy/paste one into the other I g...

IFC Type

I have noticed that walls I am modelling in a Project have an IFC Type of "IFCBuildingElementProxy" Shouldn't they be IFCWalls? Have I broken something? TIA

GDL Parameters in Expression

Is there any way to access GDL parameters in Property Expressions? We have some schedules based on GLD parameters and I would like to push it to properties.

kzaremba by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

MEP Modeler 22 routing options menu acting up

Any idea what may be happening with this Routing Options… pop-up menu? It shows cropped (it should be showing five items) —one can click around that palette and sometimes it will be cropped under the third item, very rarely show five. This and other ...

Ignacio by Booster
  • 2 replies

Editing Autotext

I used the orientation tag for my elevations. All I want is for the autotext to be capitalized rather than lowercase.