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Resolved! ID Element Manager doesn't work with new rehab elements

I'm trying to assign new ID in comparative view (all rehab elements on): although I've selected all rehab element type, the new ones are not 'configurable'.I've checked in a new file but it works, so the problem is not the Archicad general setup and ...

Add user to BIM CLOUD

We started a Team Project with the BIMCloud and I didn't knew that the link for the invite linke has an expiration date. Now the link is not available anymore and I want to add one more user to the project. How can this be done?

Graphic Overrides

I’m a new user of Archicad. I recently stumbled on the graphic overrides setting but it only allows me to use graphic overrides in the model space of the drawing but when I place a drawing onto a layout, it reverts away from the graphic overrides. An...

onkey89 by Newcomer
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Resolved! Grid lines have the wrong height in IFC

Hi all, I am a BIM specialist for a contractor, so I don't model myself. We received a model from an architect which includes the gridlines, however the gridlines are not shown on the right heights. I am myself only familliar with Revit and not Archi...

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export sections with Sketchup model?

I am looking to bring my new engineer into the BIMx world, but can't get together with him for a while. [We're about 80 miles apart.] I have a loaner iPad I will leave with him once I get to sit down and run him through the basics of navigation etc. ...


Hello Everybody, We are facing an issue from the time we switched from Archicad 24 to Archicad 25 (1 week ago) with BIM Cloud basic (have already installed the latest version 1 day ago): Every day something is moving from geometries inside the model,...

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