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"ARCHICAD to Unreal Connection" Survey

Dear Talkers, GRAPHISOFT are collaborating with Epic Games to create a workflow between ArchiCAD and Unreal and they want to ask users to guide them in that process by filling out a short survey. If you would like to give some feedback or make your v...

Can't select items in modules for markup corrections

For some reason when using Markup Tools and attempting to select items that are in bathroom modules referenced into current file, I can mark these items for highlighting purposes, but not as corrections. How do I overcome this and mark library object...

Publishing 3D view markup entries

I have overlaid our ArchiCAD model with a structural engineers and hydraulic engineers model (converted to morphs from IFC files supplied then pasted into ArchiCAD, due to overwhelming differences in story heights, home stories for elements etc in th...

Building materials management strategy

Hi, we just recently moved into ArchiCAD, running 20 in our firm. I personally have a long history of working with AC, however, I did stop using it for a brief period of just about a time the building materials were first introduced. We use them on a...

Creating an IFC element connection in ArchiCAD?

Hi, I'm looking for a way to connect one element to another in ArchiCAD. Like the door automation to the door in the attachment. It's for use in Solibri where I want to list which door every automation is connected to. I don't really know what to loo...

Bluebeam & AC22

I am having problems when i try to edit a pdf in Bluebeam that has been published with AC22. I get an error sign, then BB closes. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Expressions for Zones

Hi guys, I'm trying to create a schedule in v22 where I show area in m2 but I also need another column with area in ft2 . Is there any way I can use expressions to do that? If I use General Surface Data (Mapping), Data Type: Area, Expression: {Proper...

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Enscape V2.3 supporting ArchiCAD

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a short briefing of what Enscape is and how you as an ArchiCAD user could benefit from using it. Enscape is a Virtual Reality and Real-Time rendering plugin for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino and now for ArchiCAD as well. ...

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Pipe Diameter in IFC

Good Day. I convert my MEP model in IFC but the pipe diameter doesn't show only the Nominal. What I mean of pipe diameter is the one I put on the object parameter to adjust it's size, not the ones I put on Nominal Diameter box. Is there a way to show...

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Resolved! Door & Window Schedule Add Fields...

In the out-of-the-box Archicad 22 template, in the door & window schedules the width and height are set by fields "A" and "B". The door thickness is controlled by "Panel Thickness" How does one access these fields? If I delete and try to re-insert th...