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Hotlinked RVT geometry not solid.

Hello Archicad-people! Is it normal, that Revit geometry, coming from the built-in RVT plugin is not solid in Archicad? I mean I can see only the shell. Faces only. Revit geometry is hotlinked.


Recessed frames in sliding door

Hello!I have been trying unsuccessfully to recess the upper frame in a pocket door (and figuring out a way to create a lower frame) but to no avail. There is no reveal as there is in sliding doors. Anyone know how to solve theseissues? I thought of t...

recessed frame in pocket door.jpg
HelenE by Booster
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Resolved! Goodies Add-on won't show up in menu Archicad 25

Hello, I've been having problems with seeing the Goodie Add-Ons in my Archicad 25. I have to use mesh to roof tool, but I can not see the options to choose from in the Design Extras dropdown menu. I have tried couple of tutorials about the installati...


Archicad 23 origin offset on IFC export

Hello all, We are using Archicad 23, 7000 NED.When exporting an IFC, we get an offset in the Z value. Wd don't know why. The IFC translator is set to be "Match IFC site location with : Archicad project location". Which elements / parameters can creat...

POTS by Contributor
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Module Stories

Hi all, I have come back to an old project in which we used negative stories to build Modules. For some reason, when I go to export one of the modules, it includes every story up to zero... The other modules do not appear to be doing this... I have c...

Resolved! Archive Projects in BIMcloud Basic

Hello, we are new to using the BIMcloud Basic Server and we have several projects that are now completed. We would like to remove those projects from our Teamwork list and the BIMcloud server and just have the project saved on our normal project serv...

Sblack by Participant
  • 3 replies

Missing layers

I just discovered, when I wanted to change a walls layer, that I somehow have pressed a button or something:I have only three layers in the list... All the layers are still there when I enter the Layers-tool, why am I only seeing three? .Kamelite


BIMcloud as a Service - can not delete users

I am signed in as Admin to my BIMcloud as a service and for some reason i do not have a button in Users to delete users... I even created a new user not connected to a project and still there is no button to delete the user..... any thoughts anyone?

gdford by Advisor
  • 13 replies

Layer and Materials for IfcRoof IFC

Hello,I would like to be able to retrieve information about the material layer of the ifcroof from an IFC model created in Archicad.I would like to understand why Archicad does not give the layer information for IFCROOF (IFCRELASSOCIATESMATERIAL)Scre...

SDA by Newcomer
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