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Which 3D Glasses?

I think I need to do a poll, to make up a decision i have to make Which 3D solution would you choose if you didn't want to stay with the Cardboard BIMx. If you have maybe a comment or another product to name, please do so I am thinking of simple (con...

agroni by Newcomer
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Create Schedule with selected surfaces only.

Hi all What is the command to only show specific line items in the output of the surfaces schedule? I have items showing up that want their attributes, but I don't want them to show in this schedule. I just want to shut off selected lines. Randi Fox ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Is Bluebeam really the solution?

Hi, I have started checking out this new tool called Bluebeam in detail since the moment when it was published, I did not impress me that much. Sadly, after watching tons of video tutorials I am still not quite so impressed about the possibilities of...

agroni by Newcomer
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mep modeler

I cannot use archicad plumbing fixtures without this warning message -- If I remove Mep Modeler from my addons flolder I cannot load Archicad I do not own Mep Modeler and only want to use the plumbing fixtures -- what am I doing wrong ? Thanks, Randy

RandyC by Booster
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Importing DWG - 2D Script Errors

More often than not, when I try and import a DWG, it comes in with tons of 2D script errors. They all have to do with double quotation marks. It seems that anytime any markup contains a quote in the DWG, it doubles that quote and creates a string err...

From .pln to .stp

I have made a morph model that needs to be CNC machined. Now I would like to convert it to .stp (step) file, so the program for the CNC machine can be prepared.... I have done several things like converting it to Rhino file format and from Rhino to S...

Getting things to NOT schedule?

I need some columns to not schedule. I have listed the "Full ID" as OMIT and told the scheduler to NOT list ID's with the word OMIT, I've even tried changing its "Element Classification" to something other than a Column. They still end up on the Colu...

pen setting

I need a tutorial on pen setting. Coming from AutoCAD background, I'm used to having a ctb file with specific layer, lineweight and thickness that's associated with it. Here in ArchiCAD I'm lost. I have been googling and reading discussions here and ...

dhnguyen by Participant
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