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Cant merge/import skp file

Not that I have ever done this before (maybe 10 years ago), but when I try to import a skp file I downloaded from 3D Warehouse I get a pop-up saying "No objects were found in Sketchup file... AC needs 2016 file or earlier." I don't see a version# on ...

Export IFC translator for use in other projects?

Hi there, Apologies if I am just being dim, but I cannot seem to find a means to export an IFC translator setting to XML so that we can import it to another project file. Screen grab from IFC translator dialogue box attached, could someone point out ...

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CADimage covering

Hi Guys, Just having a small issue, for some reason some of my wall coverings are not following the profile of my wall, they are extending past the roof and will not trim to roof or even solid operation. I deleted the wall covering and re did them, b...

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.49.50 AM.png
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Sea level / reference level

I am trying to make a schedule for the piles foundation. I've modelled the concrete piles with collumns, using the sea level to determine depth. I would like to show the top and bottom elevation to sea level/reference level, however I can only show t...

Resolved! problem with saving .3ds file

Hello! i have problem with saving project as .3ds file. IT takes long time then archicad freeze (not responding) and in the end it didn't save anything.

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iTWO / RIB connecting to AC

to all RIB (iTWO) users: Anyone has a workflow / method to get any kind of data from iTWO (like equipment information, room parameters,... ) from iTWO to Archicad? I know there is the way from AC into iTWO. We need it the other way around. thanks for...

Skp Export, No Result

Hi all, On several occasions when I attempt to export a model to .skp no file is produced at the end. It will spend like 20min exporting to produce nothing... Sometimes ignoring objects during the export works, other times not... Thanks, Ling

Schedules - Custom Text

I feel like I’m going crazy here. Using interactive schedules (or indexes), I have added a few custom text fields. The question is, how do you create a line break? Pressing enter/return does not work (just goes to the next field) and I’ve tried all t...

NAS box and Teamwork

We are not yet in the Archicad fold. Still researching, so excuse my ignorance. Our situation. Recently we bought an expensive NAS with fast I/O performance that acts as a file repository/server for the office. We work in 2d at the moment and have a ...

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Complex Profile IFC export trouble

Hi all, I've got a problem exporting an ARCHICAD file in IFC: when I use a complex profile on exterior wall and I export an .ifc, opening it with Solibri Model Viewer they seem to be on a layer with Intersection Group=0...I think I looked for every g...