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Is there a 3rd Party tool for Quantity Take Offs

Having come over from Revit where take offs were a breeze, I realize that doing the same thing in ArchiCAD put it gently. Is there a 3rd party add on that anyone can recommend which makes this task easier?

dcerezo by Booster
  • 8 replies

Schedules on Layout

I absolutely LOVE the feature (since 19, maybe?) where you can have the schedule fold over to multiple columns... so if my schedule is 5 cells wide x 100 cells long, I can fold it to 2 sets of 5 cells wide x 50 long (each)... But, I have noticed that...

Rhino - Archicad import

I have Archicad 17 but really need to import Rhino this possible? If I download a trial version of archicad 20/21 can I use the Rhino plug in and then down save for my Archicad 17 use? Can an archicad 21 file be downsaved to archicad 17?

Marisa by Newcomer
  • 10 replies

ArchiCAD Nodes showing in DWG export

Hi, I'm working on exporting ArchiCAD drawings into DWGs for consultant use. However, nodes from ArchiCAD are attached to every element in the DWG. I have circled a few of them in the attached image. I have tried two different methods of exporting: 1...

Khoudia by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

Window/Door schedule set-up issue

hi everyone, I've started using ArchiCAD very recently and I'm trying to create a window/door schedule like this one in the picture I've attached. the thing is: 1st - I don't know how to make those levels/grids show up 2nd - I don't know how to add c...

BasLN by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

New stair and rails tools components listing

Hi, I'm trying to obtain list of components from the new stair and rail tools without any success. I have tried to modify rail and stair objects components, (baluster, treads, etc) adding components to his properties script. Total failure. I have als...

godi by Participant
  • 0 replies

Renovation windows don't show up in schedule AC20

I'm working on a remodel and trying to schedule the new windows in the existing exterior wall. When I open my standard schedule the existing and demolished windows show up. After rooting through the new criteria I find the Renovation Status criteria,...

IFC tagging of an object

I am reviewing IFC data received from an Electrical Consultant and there are some blank fields that I think he should be completing as well as a couple that I think he has got wrong. I was struggling to find a resource that would tell me for example ...