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Creating .keynotes file

Hi, I know that cadimage keynotes has some default keynotes which can be imported from the extras file in archicad 20. How do you actually create a .keynotes file type? and what do you use to open it with? Or is it best to just manipulate the one cre...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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MEP modeler - labels

Where are the specific MEP labels? I cannot find them in the library ... Is it possible to label the MEP parts with the out-of-box- Archicad Labels?

alemanda by Beginner
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MEP modeler - routing from Y connection

Hi to all. I would need a help from MEP users. Look at the attached picture. I have a straight pipe line from level 0.00 to level 1000mm, from discharge point to a floor clean out. This is not a problem because: 1. I place the floor clean out in plan...

wall schedule quantity

I have a wall schedule with a "quantity" field, but the schedule shows all identical walls with identical IDs and properties with a quantity of "1". It appears the quantity field just does not work for walls. Is this correct?

ArchiCAD 21 IFC export is much slower than AC20

ArchiCAD 21 IFC export is much slower than AC20 and the file size it creates is now three times the size that it was previously. Also Solibri Optimizer app is failing to do its optimization to reduce the file size. Anyone else come across this issue?...

Schedule seoed mesh volume?

Hi, I tried to find the volume of a mesh with a solid element operation acting on it buut couldn't find a separate parameter. The volume is alwys "live". However with the Element Information I can get net volume as well as seoed volume so the value s...

MEP modeler - delete and replace a connection

Suppose I have a pipe with Y connection at a certain point of the route. Suppose I want to delete that Y connection. How to do it? How to replace the y connection with a straight tube keeping the smartness of the routing?

ArchiCAD 21 Teamwork unable to load Library 21

After I migrated my projects to ArchiCAD 21 all of the windows / doors were missing. This is only the case in Teamwork. When I open a solo file, the library seems to be working correctly. I did receive a 'Could not migrate libraries on offline or not...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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