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Automatic or semi Cell size to fit

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way or an option to auto adjust all schedule cell sizes to fit to the content? Every time I modify a schedule enough I will need to go and double click on the black lines in the ruler to make it fit to the content of...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Export xml of dwg translator

Greetings. I have a few dwg translators for different consultants in AC19 that I would like to import into AC21. Other than copying the xml file from the User's path or rebuilding the translators from scratch in 21, is there a way to export the xml f...

We need better command line tools for backup/restore

BIM Server 17 had great, robust command line tools to handle backing up projects, libraries or the whole server. This was very convenient and made backing up and restoring things very easy. Since BIM Server 18 the CLI tools are able to create backup ...

Issue when sending a design to Google Earth

My current method of sending a design to Google Earth is to first save the project as a .kmz file and then open it up in Google Earth. Nine times out of 10 this usually works without issue. I know it is possible to send the design while still in AC b...

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local copy of BIM Server library

We had a complete BIM Server hardware failure and the server hard drive isn't readable anymore. We have project backups on another machine and on client workstations. Most of the libraries also have a copy either on a fileserver or on another BIM Ser...

reservation assistant not working

It appears the new reservation assistant is not working on our 21 bimserver installation. As described an element any teamwork member start editing would be reserved automatically, but it doesn't. I've checked all role permissions on the server, and ...

mverbeek by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Losing Formatting

AC21, and I'm creating schedules. Why is it that I cannot seem to create a single door schedule, format it the way I wish, save a view, change renovation filter, save another view, and retain the correct formatting? Instead, what seems to happen is t...

Archicad 21 Template Conversion Issue

Have some questions/issues with converting from Archicad 20 to 21. What is the best way to transfer my working template/favorites from 20 to 21. When I import the template to 21 and open the file, there some icons/items missing, i.e. the stair tool d...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 12 replies

Scheduling lines?

Is there any way I can schedule "Lines" in Archicad? I would like to measure lengths, but they don't show in the element type dropdown... A possible workaround is probably using Morph-lines...

B_E_A_T_ by Newcomer
  • 3 replies