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AutoCad Translators - Student Watermark

If we save DWGs for any version of Autocad save Autocad 2004, we immediately get a call saying our drawings have been made with a student version. Beside the obvious embarrassment, this should be the case. Has this been fix for any version of Archica...

ArchiCAD lists - quantity takeoffs

Hello, another dark side in Archicad, lists, data base and their usage , i found some good exemples of using lists for cost estimation, but without any explanation, there is a book from GRAPHISOFTthat explains some exepmle, but not sufficient to star...

ARCHICAD requested on my behalf

please help.. I'm having this issue for quite a while now.. archicad automatically requested to other users online onto the file requiring to release all to other users for me to send & receive changes. Hoping for answers what could have cause this.....

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Resolved! Summary of Pens Used

Hi, Is there a way of getting a summary or a list of all the pens used in the project? We are trying to match these pens with autocad pen set but I only need to do this for pens used within the project. is there a way of exporting a list of the pens ...

Export Pen Set for Revit Autodesk

Hi, We are currently collaborating with engineers but they use Revit for their BIM model and documentation. Is there a way to share our pen set attributes or export them for Revit? I appreciate all the help I can get. Regards, John