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Navisworks Counterpart in ARchicad

hello, i want to know if we have a counterpart of naviswork in archicad? just not the entire interface, just the scheduling part where we monitor the progress of the building. same with the image below (please refer to this link if the image below is...

Best way to save/print PDF

Hi! I'm experience some trouble when publishing PDF. Using the save files option in publisher and choosing PDF format results in rather large files that are slow loading causing frustration. Using cutePDF-printer results in a file that's almost 3 tim...

Transfer a TW Server19 to another computer

Hi My TeamWork Server19 has crashed, it's the windows networking that doesn't work anymore. I can take the harddrive and put in in another server and all files are intact, I can copy and read them. Now to my question: Is there any way to copy all TW1...

DWG file is locked

Please could someone try to help me. I have exported a file from Archicad 19 to DWG but the technician has reported that he cannot work on the DWG file because it seems to be locked. The feedback on drawing the query is: “…it’s all one ‘locked’ item....

Can't Modify View Settings in AC20 Teamwork

While in AC 20 in a teamwork project, I am unable to modify a few of the view settings for any stored views. The settings that can't be modified includes Structure Display, Graphic Override, and Renovation Filter. I've tested solo .pln's and those ca...

cgrimley by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

Teamwork Message Pop-ups: Make them stop!

How can I turn off or prevent these pesky little pop-ups (see attached image) from appearing every time a teamwork message is received? I am happy to have the messages show up in the teamwork pallets "messages" window, but the redundant pop-ups are d...

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 9.08.40 AM.png

Pen Set & line weight

Hi Guys, I am facing problem regarding pen set. i have customized as our standards but after exporting in pdf format line weight shown in same thickness of all elements. Please see attached screen shot & suggest your comments. Waiting your response.

time tracker for projects

I’m looking for a time tracking software that tracks hours worked on Archicad, there was a discussion some time ago but I cannot find the software "Active timer” I wonder why this feature4 is not added to Archicad?

assieh by Newcomer
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